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4-MEC crystal for sale online is a research chemical that has a chemical resemblance to mephedrone. Due to its similarity to mephedrone, it is thought to be a stimulant and entactogenic drug of the chemical classes phenethylamine, amphetamine and cathinone. Buy 4-MEC online

4-MEC acts as a psychoactive substance that is to have empathogenic effects in humans. Effectively, the drug has a similar nature to mephedrone, and many even consider it a substitute. 4-MEC has only been available on the market since 2010.

Mephedrone is to be more expensive, and therefore the demand for 4-MEC has been growing frequently in recent years. The drug has found particularly popularity in several European countries, including Ireland and the United Kingdom, in addition to Australian content.

How is 4-MEC crystal for sale?

Cathinones are found in powder or crystal form that can vary in color from white, yellow, slightly pink or brownish. Consumption is by sniff, slam (injection), parachute (wrap in paper) or rectally (plug).

The use of 4-MEC crystal is widespread in Belgium, the Netherlands and France in a sexual context. The analyzes regularly carried out on samples collected by users (TREND device in France) show a great variability in the concentration of the product 4-MEC for sale, often cut with other molecules, which calls for caution and the risk reduction practices indicate.

Buy 4-MEC  what it does

Also known as 4-methylethinone, 4-MEC is a type of recreational drug. This drug is legally available in a variety of countries and, as previously mention, is consider by many to be a cheap alternative to mephedrone.

By altering brain function, 4-MEC essentially affects the brain. A person taking this medicine may often have mood swings and may change behavior for a short time.

This drug is actually consider an alternative to ecstasy. Taking a small dose of 4MEC will usually relieve all anxiety and put you in a calm mood. The user generally loses awareness of the environment after using 4-MEC. The user begins to rest and the action also subsides.



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