Carfentanil powder



What is carfentanil powder?

Buy Carfentanil powder online is (4-carbomethoxyfentanyl) is an analogue of the synthetic opioid fentanyl. Was the first
synthesized in 1974 by Janssen Pharmaceutical and sold under the tradename Wildnil®. Carfentanil
is odorless and comes in many forms, including powder, tablets, patches, blotting paper,
liquid and aerosols. Carfentanil can be administer orally, nasally, or intravenously. Although known
The drug, which resembles powder of cocaine or heroin, has been seiz in the form of a pale yellow, pink or brown powder. Common street names for carfentanil powder online.

is Carfentanil powder online dangerous?

Carfentanil is one of the most toxic opioids currently known, and studies show it is 10,000 times more
stronger than morphine, 4,000 times more effective than heroin and 100 times more effective than fentanyl. in
in humans a dose of 1 microgram is sufficient to induce a response to the drug and about 20 micrograms,
which is less than a grain of salt, it is enough to make it fatal. Like fentanyl, carfentanil can be include
accidental inhalation of air powder, making exposure and handling hazardous. But,

What’s the risk with Carfentanil?

When buy powder online is mix with other opioids, alcohol, benzodiazepines, or stimulants like cocaine, it increases the risk of accidental overdose. Moreover,

Illicit fentanyl is much more toxic than other pharmaceutical-grade opioids. There is no easy way to know if fentanyl is in the drugs you are using. You can’t see it, smell it or taste it. Any drug will be cut (mix) with fentanyl. Even a very small amount can cause an overdose.

When you are getting drugs from anywhere other than a pharmacy or medical professional, like from a friend, ordering online, or a dealer, there is no way to be sure exactly what is in them or how toxic they may be. Buy Carfentanil powder,Carfentanil powder, Carfentanil powder online. In addition,


10g = $300, 15g = $450, 25g = $700, 50g = $975, 100g = $1400, 1kg = $5300


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